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Are you a private individual who would like to help the forest?

Plant a tree

Planting in Belgium

To contribute to planting projects in Belgium, find out about our partner's offers, PlantC.

Thanks to its vast network of farmers and committed players, PlantC is the only initiative that offers companies and individuals the chance to act locally. Hedges, orchards, reforestation of our Belgian forests, agroforestry plantations, coppice, miscanthus, etc. PlantC lets you take action on several levels: contributing to carbon sequestration; enhancing biodiversity; preserving soil and water quality. And all near you!

Become a volunteer forester

Do you want to take practical action in the field? SRFB offers a range of volunteer opportunities to suit you:

Forestry guide: the pleasure of connecting people and the forest

As the link between forest owners and those who are curious about the forest, forest guides open the doors of the undergrowth to young and old alike for an introduction to the forest. They also take part in various events, fairs and shows to raise awareness and inform the general public.

Observer correspondents: always keen to learn more

In Belgium, as elsewhere, the health of our forests is a major issue in the face of climate change and the many attacks, both biotic and abiotic, to which they are subjected. Correspondent observers are recruited to play an active role in monitoring forest health, in close collaboration with the Observatoire Wallon de la Santé des Forêts (OWSF).


Nos coachs sont des propriétaires forestiers expérimentés désireux de partager leur savoir-faire avec des propriétaires et gestionnaires en questionnement. Ils portent haut les valeurs de convivialité et de partage de la SRFB ! Formés à l’écoute active, les coachs établissent des contacts privilégiés avec les membres débutant dans la gestion forestière ou des propriétaires plus expérimentés faisant face à une question précise. Ils participent également à des contrôles de plantation dans le cadre des aides au reboisement octroyées par la SRFB et à des projets intergénérationnels de plantations en klumps (cellules de 25 arbres plantés serrés, un outil idéal pour intéresser les enfants et petits-enfants de propriétaires à la gestion des bois familiaux).

Trees For Future volunteers: the audacity to believe in the future

Initié lors des 125 ans de la SRFB, le projet de recherche Trees for Future ambitionne d’identifier des essences plus résilientes et mieux adaptées aux changements climatiques, essences qui viendront diversifier nos forêts de demain.

The TFF volunteers are essential links in this long-term project, enabling field monitoring of the experimental systems spread across different forests throughout Belgium. The training provided by the SRFB will give you the knowledge you need to carry out measurements and health observations independently in the field.

Being an SRFB volunteer means showing enthusiasm, but also professionalism and skills! Every new volunteer starts with the training offered by SRFB. Apart from being out in the field, each mission is carefully prepared and a report is drawn up afterwards, for the SRFB and/or the owner.

Jobs - internships - volunteers

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Trees for Future

Building tomorrow's forest together...

Planting trees today is a useful and highly symbolic gesture. However, it is also a gamble on the future: in the context of climate change, how can we be sure that what is planted today will survive tomorrow's climate?

Nos forêts souffrent des changements climatiques : sécheresses successives, tempêtes, stress hydriques, attaques d’insectes et de champignons,…

Today, most of the dominant tree species that populate our forests (spruce, beech, oak, ash...) are showing signs of weakness.

Worried, the forestry world is wondering what species it should plant and/or encourage in order to prepare the forest of tomorrow, moreresilient and able to meet the economic, ecological and social challenges of today and tomorrow.

Soucieuse d’ouvrir le « champ des possibles », la  SRFB a initié le projet « Trees for Future – Arboretums forestiers » en 2018 dans l’objectif d’identifier les essences et provenances forestières qui participeront à l’adaptation des forêts aux changements climatiques.

Soutenir Trees for Future, c’est avoir l’audace de croire en demain !

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