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Founded in 1893, the Société Royale Forestière de Belgique (SRFB) aims to promote and protect the forest in all its multifunctionality. It encourages its members to practise sustainable and high-quality forestry and trains them in forest management techniques. The non-profit association deals with all aspects of forestry techniques and pays particular attention to adapting forests to climate change.
To achieve its objectives, SRFB relies on 4 values: know-how, conviviality, passion and boldness. Find out more about our raison d'être.


The services of the Société Royale Forestière de Belgique (SRFB)

4 services for its members

(Become an SRFB member to obtain its services, as well as other benefits)

Forest Friends

At the same time, SRFB has developed Forest Friends which brings together all its activities aimed at the general public.

Forest Friends offers forest activities for all audiences, discovering its many beneficial roles and the foresters who care for it.
To its members, SRFB offers different educational panels, to better welcome and educate forest users.

Forest Friends

Mosaic forest

Mosaic forest

Through the various services it offers its members and the many activities and projects in which it is involved, SRFB is committed to sustainable management. Sustainable forest management means management that is environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically viable..

Trees for Future

Our forests are suffering from climate change: successive droughts, storms, water stress, insect and fungus attacks...

Today, most of the dominant tree species that populate our forests (spruce, beech, oak, ash...) are showing signs of weakness.

Worried, the forestry world is wondering what species it should plant and/or encourage in order to prepare the forest of tomorrow, moreresilient and able to meet the economic, ecological and social challenges of today and tomorrow.

List of SRFB directors in 2024

BAUWENS Damiend'UDEKEM d'ACOZ Charles-Henri
de le COURT Étiennede LHONEUX Benoit (Chairman)
de VIRON Jean-Charlesde WASSEIGE Hélène
DUCHÊNE EtienneGODIN Dominique
LEONET MaximeLIGOT Gauthier
LOZET MoniqueMUYS Bart

By-laws in force (FR and NL)

Serving forests and foresters
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